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How Snow Can Affect Your HVAC Equipment

snow affect hvac

We all know how that cold, white stuff impacts our day to day lives. Roads, school closures, scraping windshields… it all can be a hassle. All of that sometimes doesn’t leave time to think about how snow influences HVAC equipment.

Here is a list of some general things to keep in mind regarding safety, comfort and efficiency. Some are overall considerations and others will be specific towards gas furnace owners and those with heat pumps. If you have a gas furnace:

  • Check that your exhaust pipes are not blocked by snow or other debris. Gas furnaces produce waste that needs to be able to get out.

If you have a heat pump (or are considering one):

  • Consider pairing a heat pump with a furnace so that you can choose between the most fuel-efficient heat source.

  • Think about having wind blockage put near your heat pump system. This can be plants or other options. Just make sure you allow enough room for service appointments and airflow. If you’re in doubt, consult us prior to making any decisions on what and how to do this properly.

  • If your unit goes into defrost mode, it should only last a short amount of time. This ensures that the outdoor equipment is supplied with warmth to operate correctly. This is a normal operating procedure for heat pumps in cold temperatures.

Tips for everyone:

  • Don’t forget to schedule your annual maintenance appointment to keep your warranty within guidelines and to get maximum efficiency and proper operation of your equipment.

  • Change your filter regularly- once per month.

  • Don’t drastically fluctuate temperatures on your thermostat. If you don’t have a programmable or smart thermostat, ensure that you aren’t changing the temperatures a lot. This causes stress on your system and will cost you more money. Try to find a temperature that works well for you and stick with it.

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