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HVAC Maintenance

There are lots of reasons to get your yearly maintenance done on your A/C and Furnace.

First of all, if you have a warranty on your system, it's usually mandatory for you to have completed seasonal maintenance in order for the manufacturer to honor the warranty.

If keeping your warranty up-to-date isn't enough of a reason, what about emergency equipment breakdown?

We receive lots of calls at the start of Summer and Winter for emergency repairs. Oftentimes, these could have been prevented with seasonal professional maintenance.

Evap Coil.gif

The pictures on this page show how equipment looks prior to cleaning and inspection, and how it looks after.

On the left you will see an evaporator coil. This picture was taken by one of our service technicians during an emergency no-heat call in January 2019.

As you can see, the evaporator coil was extremely dirty and caused the family to have to call us late on a Saturday because temperatures were below freezing and falling fast inside their home. (Picture on right is credited to Carrier.com to show you how an evaporator coil should look.)

Regular maintenance also improves your HVAC system efficiency, effectively saving you money on your utility bills.

It also lessens wear and tear on your heating and air system, prolonging its life. With the cost of HVAC systems, we know it's important to customers to protect their investments.

Having your equipment inspected and tested also comes down to safety. Some equipment malfunctions can have deadly consequences. When not operating properly, furnaces can produce heightened levels of carbon monoxide inside of homes, sometimes ending in tragedy.

We offer a phenomenal Planned Maintenance Agreement to our customers. At the beginning of each heating and cooling season, we will clean, inspect, and test your equipment. You can take a peek at what all that includes here.

We want to make sure your HVAC system is ready to do its job and keep you comfortable at home - while still keeping utility cost, safety, and your system's lifespan in mind.

Give Outstanding Heating and Cooling a call or send us an email if you'd like to talk more about our Planned Maintenance Agreements, or schedule a seasonal inspection and cleaning.


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