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We have a lot of customers ask us about Zone Control Systems. They are something you hear about, but have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. A Zone Control System gives you more control over the comfort in your home. In addition to giving you more options for comfort, it also can save you money. A Zone Control HVAC System allows you to have control over the temperatures in different rooms. This kind of system may be an option for you and your family if:

For example, if you have a spare bedroom after a son or daughter moved out, you can keep the temperature in that room set differently than the main living area.

The Benefits Of Installing A Zone Control System

A Zone Control System is also a great option for people with different temperature preferences. Perhaps you like to keep your bedroom cool at night, and then set the living room for 75 degrees. Having more direct control over the temperatures in your home saves you money. Don’t forget that even a few degrees of change makes a difference in your electric bill!

If your system only has to cool 3 bedrooms to 71 degrees as opposed to an entire home, it makes it a more efficient option.

The system only uses the required amount of energy for your specific areas, as opposed to using all of that energy to cool or heat an entire home. A Zone Control System is also a great option in winter. You can keep less-used areas of your home at temperatures around 67 degrees, and the living room and bedrooms at a comfortable 75 degrees. That’s the beauty of this kind of system- you have control over both your home climate AND your electric bill.

How A Zone Control System Works

A new Zone Control System is designed specifically for your home.

That means the equipment, ductwork, and thermostats are installed with you and your individual needs in mind. Oftentimes Zone Control Systems are installed with two or more thermostats. This enables you to have control over specific zones of your home. Popular installations utilize a thermostat for living areas, a thermostat for bedrooms, and a thermostat for less-used areas of the home, such as a rec room. As you program the thermostats, the system communicates with them and ensures your home reaches optimum comfort levels- to your standards.

Some homeowners request a thermostat for the upstairs, and one for the downstairs.

In the winter and summer months this is especially convenient.

Warm air rises, which means that in the winter, the lower level would require more heat from the furnace. In contrast, in the summer months, the upstairs will be warmer and require more air conditioning to keep it at a comfortable level. In addition to all of the comfort advantages, a zone system only uses as much energy as is required. This means a longer live for your HVAC system, and no unnecessary use.

Installing A Zone Control System In Your Home

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