Pests such as insects and rodents are always trying to find new ways to invade our homes. Torn window screens and failing window seals are some of their favorite entry points. However, people often look past their HVAC system as a potential gateway to your house. How can you prevent pests from entering via your HVAC system? A quick DIY inspection can usually give you a good idea of what you’re up against. Some issues can even be fixed yourself.

Why Pest Prevention Should Not Be Put Off

Things like mice, squirrels, and insects can cause costly damage in a short amount of time. Prevention is always the best remedy. Try to avoid the issue before it can even begin. Your outside unit and ductwork are some of the favorite places to invade for pests. Bugs and squirrels can enter and cause significant damage to not only your equipment, but have a huge negative impact on your indoor air quality. Steps You Can Take To Prevent Pest Problems

-Try to remember to do regular checks of your exterior vents and flues.

You’ll want to make sure that they are properly sealed and that all potential entry points have been addressed. Dryer vents especially are a favorite safe haven for things like squirrels, birds, and snakes!

Seasonal HVAC Maintenance And Cleaning Your Ducts

-Check duct work and schedule your HVAC maintenance regularly

Not only will sealing leaks in your ductwork save you money on energy costs, it also seals off openings for pests to infiltrate your system. The great news is that oftentimes simple maintenance on your ductwork is a DIY task! Scheduling your seasonal HVAC maintenance in the Spring and Fall will also help identify any potential issues before they become large problems. Nests and insect infestations can hinder the performance of your equipment AND impact your air quality. Consequently, you should also consider having your ducts cleaned. The age of your home, allergies of those living in your home, number of people and pets can have an impact on how often we recommend for your ducts to be cleaned. Once we know more information from you, we can let you know how often we recommend your ducts to be cleaned for your specific needs.

Outdoor HVAC Units

-Ensure the area around your outside unit is clear and free from debris

Take the time to ensure your unit is properly raised from the ground, and away from landscaping. It’s also recommended to clear any yard debris from the unit. Regularly inspecting your outdoor unit is a great way to check and see if any pests have decided to call it their new home. We think a good rule of thumb is to check it every time you have the grass mowed and incorporate it into your landscaping routine. Regular inspections of your HVAC system and ductwork can help prevent pest infestations and costly repairs. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up a time for us to come take a look at your system or ductwork!

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