winter cleaning

In the cold winter months we often spend a lot of our time indoors. Sure, it’s nice for quality time with the family or doing indoor hobbies we enjoy… But we also should make sure we are taking care of the air we breathe. Here are some winter cleaning hacks that will improve your home’s air quality!

Cleaning your fan blades

Those pesky blades can harbor a ton of dust and buildup. You can use a vacuum attachment or a good ol’ wet rag to clean off those fan blades. No matter what you do, inspect them for dust and buildup, clean it, and be happy knowing you aren’t circulating all that yuck throughout the air in your home.

Don’t wear shoes in the house

Our shoes are dirt collectors. As we trek indoors, we leave more than our footprints behind on our floors. Carpets and throw rugs are harbors for dust, dirt, and other germs and grime. Try to have a pair of socks or slippers handy right inside the door. Slip into these and don’t wear them outdoors.

Clean your carpets regularly

This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the above tips. If the all the gross stuff from your fan blades, shoes, and other household dust doesn’t land on surfaces and isn’t floating around in the air we breathe, where does it go? On the floor. That’s right. All that dirt and bacteria has to land somewhere. And as people walk or children romp through the house, that stirs up all the stuff that has landed on the floor. So to help improve your indoor air quality, run the vacuum regularly and have your carpets and floors deep cleaned on a regular basis as well.

Keep your mattress rotated and clean

Most of us remember to rotate our mattress, but we also should be cleaning it as well. If you don’t have an impenetrable mattress protector, those skin and dirt particles can work their way through your sheets and into your mattress. To cut down on time, make it a point to vacuum the surface of your mattress each time you change the sheets, or at least once per month. If you’d like to explore other options for indoor air quality, we are happy to help! We can install whole-home air purification systems that require absolutely NO maintenance! Give Outstanding Heating & Cooling a call, email, or drop a line on social media if you’d like more information.

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