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It seems like a no-brainer, right? If a room in your home doesn’t need extra cooling or heat, close the register. However, we also know that sometimes what seems like the best ideas… sometimes aren’t. You are probably thinking that it saves you money if you close off a register to a cold bedroom. Maybe a bedroom gets particularly hot in the winter so you close the register. Part of understanding why this isn’t a good solution is getting an idea of how HVAC systems work. Your system is designed to heat and cool a predetermined amount of square footage. When you are opening and shutting registers, it has a direct impact on the amount of space your system is accounting for. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to climate control and registers. If your unit operates with a variable-speed motor, tampering with registers affects its capacity. It will operate a higher capacity for a longer amount of time. Essentially this means that any efficiency ratings you were benefiting from because of a variable speed motor might as well be thrown out the window. For single-speed motor systems, messing with the registers hinders your airflow. If you have low air flow, this directly impacts the comfort level of your home. The same can be said about not changing your filter- low air flow means problems for your system and your comfort. This is just the tip of the iceberg. By opening and closing registers, it builds pressure inside your unit. Too much pressure means stress put onto your air ducts. This can cause leaks in your duct work. Leaks in your air ducts mean lower efficiency. Lower efficiency means higher electric bills. The increase in pressure also can hinder performance of your coils and compressor. Frozen coils or a broken compressor mean BIG ISSUES in your HVAC system. Installing A Zoning System In Your Home

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If you have been experiencing issues with varying temperatures in your home, it might be time to consider a zoning system. This type of system enables you to individually control the temperatures in separate rooms. Zoning systems are a great solution to people who need better control over the climate inside their home. These units are especially popular in homes with children. It ensures you are able to keep bedrooms warm in the winter without sacrificing the cost of keeping the temperature up throughout the entire house. Alternatively, a zoning system also gives you the ability to keep living areas cooler in the summer. Essentially, a zoning system is a good option if you want more control over your home climate and electric bill. Installing A Ductless System In Your Home

A ductless system is another alternative for for flexible climate options in your home.

It consists of various units installed in rooms throughout your home. There is no ductwork involved! These can be a good option for single rooms (such as home additions), or as a whole-home solution with up to 9 separate ductless units. In addition, these units can be installed near the floor, in the ceiling, or high on the wall. There are so many options that these are also a great solution to homes seeking more control over their indoor climate.n

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