Ductless systems, or mini split systems, support a host of benefits. Here are five great reasons to consider adding one to your home or business.

1. Ductless Systems Cost Less

Simply put, mini split systems will help you save on energy bills. They generally use less energy than traditional HVAC systems. They are smaller than forced air systems, and without ductwork, air doesn’t need to be pushed along greater distances. Instead, the indoor room unit transfers warm air directly from the unit in the room right back out as cooled air.

You can also target which room you want to cool or heat, instead of heating your whole house. For example, if you spend the majority of your day working alone in a rented office space or in your home office, you may not need to cool or heat the entire building. It’s more cost-effective to use a ductless mini split system and deliver the temperatures where you want. Or if you are looking to downsize but don’t want to invest in the hassle of moving, installing a ductless system in the rooms you use most can allow for more energy-efficient cooling or heating in other areas of your home that you don’t utilize as much. Homeowners and businesses may even be eligible for tax credits or energy rebates by choosing ductless systems. It’s a great incentive to go green!

2. Ductless Systems Are Energy Efficient

Speaking of going green, older HVAC systems can be energy inefficient. Extensive ductwork is at risk of air leakage. If it’s hot outside, warm air penetrates the room, causing your AC to work overtime, especially if there are leaky ducts. Most ductwork is located in basements, attics, or crawl spaces, and they are exposed to temperature extremes throughout the year, especially if you have inadequate insulation. However, mini split systems don’t have these problems because they eliminate the ductwork! This decreases the energy workload of your home, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

3. Ductless Systems Are Personalized and Flexible

Everyone has a fellow co-worker who is always cold. Or family members have different preferences for cooling and heating. Maybe your partner likes to sleep in chilly air, or you want your baby’s room to be slightly warmer than the rest of the house. Ductless systems can personalize your temperature preferences room by room. Because ductless units are installed in each room, there is a lot of room for personalizing air temperature. This means that mini split systems are perfect for apartment buildings, older homes, garages, she-sheds, office buildings, basements, additions, and even new homes.

4. Ductless Systems Can Improve Air Quality

Finally, standard HVAC systems can suck in pollution, pollen, allergens, and dust and debris. Performing ,,regular cleaning on ductwork can be a daunting prospect for most home and business owners. But today’s ductless mini split systems come with filters and cartridges that are easy to clean or replace. Ductless systems are more efficient at keeping indoor air quality at levels you are comfortable with, whether you are worried about your mother-in-law’s asthma or your child’s seasonal allergies.

5. Ductless Systems Are Easy to Install

Traditional ductwork can be an expensive and extensive project that disrupts daily life. But ductless systems are easy to install. Systems can be installed in every room of your home, or just the trouble spots (a south-facing wall, for example, or that hot spot above the garage). Ductless systems don’t require cutting large holes into the walls or floors. Are you considering building an addition, or do you have an old addition with no ductwork? Rather than building onto your existing ductwork and placing extra pressure on a standard HVAC system, choosing a ductless system allows you to pick an efficient, easier-to-install cooling or heating option. If you have questions about whether or not a ductless system will work for your space, the experts at Outstanding Heating and Cooling would be happy to answer them! Send us an email, message on social media, or give us a call: 937-439-4696