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Smells coming from your air conditioner is one of the most common complaints that we hear.

We get a lot of calls, especially once warm weather starts, from customers asking why the air from their A/C unit smells funny.

There are a number of reasons why the air from your unit may smell kinda funky.

Here we will detail the most common smells from air conditioners and their usual causes.

My Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Bad smells coming from the air conditioning system in your home are no fun.

These smells usually come from every duct in your house and you can’t escape it.

Stinky Feet Smell… aka Dirty Sock Syndrome

Most often the smell of stinky feet coming from your unit is caused by clogs or dirt build-up.

If your condensate drain is clogged, the water expelled from your unit will not drain properly.

The clogged drain will cause water to build up in your drain pan.

This standing water is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. These musty smells can then begin to build up and circulate throughout your home.

Another cause of a musty or mildewy smell in your home is that your unit is too big for your home.

If your air conditioner is too big for your home, the unit will not function properly.

Part of an air conditioner’s job is to dehumidify your home.

High humidity levels are taken care of by an A/C unit that is working how it should.

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If the unit is too big for your home, it will not go past the “quick cooling” cycle. When the unit is not able to function beyond this cycle, it will be unable to dehumidify your home properly.

Additionally, a dirty air filter can also cause a mildewy smell in your home.

Scheduling planned maintenance visits for your air conditioner in the spring will ensure that your unit is cleaned properly.

This will not only avoid yucky odors, it will help ensure your home has the best air quality possible.

If you’d like to have your air conditioning unit cleaned by a professional technician, give us a call today! 937-439-4696

We would be happy to schedule your planned maintenance visit. For more information on our Planned Maintenance Agreements, take a look at our Air Conditioning Service page!

The Air Coming From My Unit Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

Your air conditioner is not powered by gasoline. Therefore, a lot of customers are confused as to why the air would smell like exhaust fumes.

However, there are fluids in your unit that can leak onto parts that will cause these odors.

When dealing with fluid leaks, it’s best to contact a certified HVAC technician to take care of it.

The repairs on these kinds of problems are usually beyond something someone can fix themselves or have a friend repair.

There Is A Skunky Smell Coming From Your Ducts

The smell of skunk coming from your air conditioner can be caused by a gas leak within your unit.

This gas is known as methyl mercaptan, and it smells like skunk spray.

The leak can get into your ductwork and circulate the skunky scent throughout the home.

HOWEVER, this can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. This is a repair that needs immediate attention from a certified HVAC service technician.

Please give us a call IMMEDIATELY if you are experiencing this smell from your unit. We are happy to provide 24/7 emergency service to customers in our service area. 937-439-4696

The Air In My Home Smells Like Rotten Eggs

We are sorry to tell you this…

But if your home has a rotten egg smell, the likely culprit is a dead animal.

In the winter birds and rodents will sometimes seek refuge in your ductwork to get away from the harsh weather.

Sometimes they unfortunately pass away, and the decomposing animal can cause an awful smell in your home.

Other Smelly Odors Coming From Your Air Conditioner

When your cooling coils are dirty it can cause bad smells to come through your air ducts.

This is because the air conditioner unit passes air over the cooling coils. So naturally, any smells on dirty coils will also then circulate through the air.

When your unit is dormant for a while, organisms or mold can also grow on the coils. Then when you start the A/C up again, those can also cause bad odors in your air.

Additionally, if your air filtration system needs maintenance, it can also cause terrible odors.

The filtration system is meant to remove odors and contaminants from your home’s air.

UV lights and air filtration systems are able to clean your home’s air when they are functioning properly. From time to time they may need maintenance.

If they are not working the way that they should, those air contaminants can cause bad smells to affect your home’s air quality.

Finding A Kettering Area Air Conditioning Repair Service Technician

If you are experiencing bad odors in your home’s air, it’s time to call in the experts.

At Outstanding Heating & Cooling, our #1 goal is to provide OUTSTANDING service- one customer at a time.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers top-quality repair and maintenance services. Our high ratings and reviews on sites such as Facebook and Google speak for themselves.

Our reputation is to provide reasonably priced, professional services to our customers. We guarantee your satisfaction.

If you live in the Kettering or surrounding area, give us a call! We are happy to answer any questions you have and offer free estimates. 937-439-4696

Have you ever experienced bad smells coming from your A/C Unit? Comment below and let us know what the cause was of the odor!

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