What are ductless systems? Also known as mini split systems, ductless HVAC systems sound just like what they are: air conditioning and heating systems without ducts!

How does a mini split system work, and how are they different from traditional units?

Put simply, mini splits cool and/or heat rooms in your home without the need for extensive ductwork that standard systems need to operate. ,,Ductless air conditioners and heaters are a great way to keep your inside climate consistently cool or warm. They are able to eliminate temperature fluctuations or uneven home cooling sometimes seen with traditional HVAC systems.

Many modern homes are built with central HVAC systems. These units are called split systems and are divided into two main parts. Situated outside your home is a condenser/compressor similar to those found in refrigerators. This connects to an indoor unit (usually located in an out of the way place such as a basement or small closet space) which circulates refrigerant between coils of both units. Air is then cooled and pushed throughout the home by supply and return ducts that all lead back to your indoor unit.

You can run into problems when renovating or adding additions to older homes – there is no existing ductwork in parts of the home to ensure even cooling and heating. Homeowners often don’t want to cut into walls or floors to install connecting ductwork. That’s where ductless technology comes in!

Traditional HVAC systems need a pathway to push cool air between the indoor unit and your living spaces (your ductwork). Ductless mini split systems get rid of this need by circulating the air directly through the indoor unit in your room without the use of ducts.

So How Do Ductless Mini Split Systems Work?

Ductless systems, or mini split systems, work in a simple way.

Ductless systems blow cooled air right into the room or area it’s installed in, without the use of ducts! Ductless A/Cs have 3 main components: the indoor unit, a conduit, and a condenser. The indoor unit is installed on the wall inside the room you want to cool. This evaporator and blower unit sucks in the warm air, blows the cold air right back into the room, and uses the conduit to dispense the heat and humidity back outside. The conduit itself connects this indoor unit to the outside (generally as a long, thin cable) while also generating electricity for both units. The condenser is the outside unit. It works to release the hot air from inside your home to outside of your home.

These mini split systems are smaller and more flexible than conventional HVAC systems. They can be installed in nearly any room since there is no need to add ductwork.

Each unit is controlled separately- making it ideal for offices, apartments, or homes whose residents desire or require differing A/C needs. Most ductless systems come with remote controls, and multiple indoor units can be connected to one outdoor condenser!

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Updated 8/2022