Sometimes we become used to things and don’t realize they’re an issue.

A lot of our customers don’t realize they have an airflow problem at first. Once we explain the symptoms, a lightbulb will go off and they will tell us that they had no idea these things were signs of issues with their HVAC system.

Do you have hot and cold areas in your home?

Many times having hot and cold spots is one of the earliest signs of an airflow problem.

Does a bedroom door slam unexpectedly?

Or perhaps you’re experiencing drafts or strange noises whipping through the air. These signs are also indicators of larger issues with your HVAC system airflow.

Do you have registers that have little to no airflow?

Some people shrug it off when they discover a vent is not blowing as hard as others. Maybe one bedroom is always hotter than the others. These are more signs that an airflow problem may be at hand.

The good news is that sometimes these issues are easy fixes. The bad news is that if you don’t investigate these issues, over time they could lead to complete system failure!

It’s important to mention these issues to your HVAC tech during one of your seasonal maintenance visits. Some of these problems are discovered or even solved with regular maintenance!

Schedule a maintenance visit with Outstanding Heating and Cooling online or give us a call! We’re happy to answer your questions about airflow and find a solution to make sure your system runs like new.