buying used hvac equipment

We’ve had a lot of customers ask us recently if it’s okay to buy used HVAC equipment.

The resounding answer to this question is NO. Let us explain why.

First of all, you do not know the history of this equipment. Ask yourself why it’s being replaced. There’s probably a reason it’s being sold for so cheap on Facebook Marketplace. Has it been properly serviced? Maintained? You won’t know for sure other than to take someone’s word for it.

Next you have to consider the size of the system your home needs. Do you know how to properly measure to make sure the equipment you’re buying is a good fit for your home?

If you do not have a correctly-sized heating and air system installed in your home, it can cause early equipment failure, high utility costs, and improper air circulation.

Some of those issues lead to even bigger issues – such as mold growth due to increased humidity.

Now who will you have install the used equipment?

Most reputable HVAC companies will not install used equipment- for the reasons we mentioned above.

This means that more than likely you are now looking at an uncertified, fly-by-night contractor that will install it. They probably aren’t properly licensed or insured. Furthermore, they probably don’t have formal training and could install the system incorrectly… wasting even more money.

But what if you don’t have the money for a new HVAC system?

You might feel like buying used heating and cooling equipment is your only option. We’re here to tell you that it’s not.

If you’ve only gotten one opinion, call another HVAC company to ask them to come give you a second look. It’s possible there was something the first company overlooked and you won’t be looking at a whole-system replacement.

Sometimes we can even fix your equipment just enough to last you through the last few months of summer or winter. That will give you a year or so to save up some money.

While not ideal, you can also consider purchasing a window unit or space heater to get you through for a little while.

You might even consider applying for financing to get the system replacement you need. Some offers even have 0% financing and make payments affordable for most people.

So before you go buying used HVAC equipment on Craigslist or Facebook, consider the things we’ve mentioned here.

If you’d like a free system estimate or another set of eyes to take a peek at your HVAC units, you can book easily online from our website or give us a call! Outstanding Heating and Cooling is a top-rated, locally owned and operated heating and air company serving the Kettering and surrounding areas.

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