Pets are a huge part of many families. We love them, spend our time with them, and our families grow with them by our sides. While our furry friends give us a lot of love, pet owners have special accommodations they need to make for them. Going away on a trip and Fido or Princess can’t come? We need to board them or leave them with a trusted friend or family member. Is the new Christmas kitten in need of a trip to the vet? We better take off of work to take them to the vet. When it comes to HVAC, it is no different. There are a few things that pet owners need to be aware of in order to keep their systems running smoothly and efficiently. Isn’t it cute how our pets lay right by the vents or registers in order to keep warm? Or cool off on a hot day? It’s adorable. However it also means that pet owners need to be extra attentive to their registers. Check to make sure a pet hasn’t accidentally closed one. A closed register means your system isn’t working as it should, and it is putting undue stress on your HVAC equipment. Not to mention all of the fur that is probably being blown into your air! (Have you brushed your pet lately?) Most people have pets with soft, cuddly coats of fur. This fur means additional dander and fur that is being released into your air, into your HVAC system, and your air filter. Pet owners need to pay extra attention to keeping their filter changes on schedule. Pet dander and fur can block your filter up faster, causing your system to work harder than it needs to. Blocked filters can also cause your equipment to appear as if it isn’t working because it isn’t getting good airflow. We recommend for pet owners to change their filters once a month. Let’s not also forget about the extra dirt and other debris our pets track in from outdoors – and the cleaning products we use to clean up the floors and carpets. All of these things come together to add more particles to your air, lowering your indoor air quality. This is yet another reason to change your filter regularly and also consider a home air purifier.

When you were a child, do you remember hearing something like, “Don’t leave that door hanging open! We aren’t heating the whole neighborhood!” Well the same goes for letting our furry friends in and out. Make sure you aren’t leaving the door open for them to let themselves in or out, or for extended periods of time to get them outside or back indoors. Causing temperature changes by leaving doors open for our pets will cause our systems to kick on and use up energy they didn’t have to- costing you more in energy bills. So aren’t we all willing to do a little more for our pets? Remember that this same feeling extends to your HVAC system. It’s worth it to have our pets around and also be mindful of saving energy costs.

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