new furnace options

Sometimes when customers are purchasing a new furnace, it isn’t by choice. Others make leap to upgrade their equipment because they want to save on energy costs and have a more efficient home. Whatever the reason, shopping for a new furnace can be intimidating.

It’s important to make the decision based upon a few factors:

Size and layout of your home

Energy ratings for your new furnace

Rebates & special Offers on new heating equipment

Your budget An experienced comfort advisor can help you weigh the pros and cons of different models for your home.

Here are some key points to remember when shopping for a new furnace so that you are prepared and knowledgeable.

Furnace Efficiency Ratings

There is a large variety in efficiency ratings when it comes to furnaces. People whose homes experience mild winters don’t need a high-efficiency furnace. They won’t see a huge return on their energy bills for the investment they made in one with a high efficiency rating. However, those who live in harsher winter climates (like us in Ohio) will experience greater cost savings with a high-efficiency furnace. Their system will actually utilize the high-efficiency rating much more because of needing to operate in more frigid temperatures.

Saving Money On A New Furnace

There are a lot of rebate options out there. Some furnace rebates come from manufacturers, while others may be from utility companies. Make sure to ask your chosen heating and air company about what’s available for your equipment and in your area.

Furnace Performance Features

One of the biggest complaints we hear about older furnaces is that they are loud. These days there are a lot more options out there to keep your furnace running efficiently, but also more quietly. Some of our customers say they don’t even hear their new furnace! If this is something that interests you, ask your heating and cooling company about having a furnace installed that has a variable-speed blower motor and insulated cabinet. If you’re considering upgrading your heating equipment, or if you’ve experienced equipment failure and are on the market for a new furnace, get a free estimate from us! We’re happy to come and do an in-home evaluation of your needs so that we can get you the furnace that is best suited for your home and family.

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