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Chances are, your home has already upgraded to a digital thermostat. No more turning an analog dial to set the temperature. But did you know that there are various thermostats and levels of efficiency? Some thermostats only work with certain types of equipment. There are others that are programmable and you set them to your schedules. Others can be installed in conjunction with your smart home and learn your schedule and adjust the temperatures accordingly. If you’re considering a smart thermostat upgrade, here are some things you should know first. A smart thermostat has the capability to be controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet. If you’re headed home from a blazing hot soccer game on a Saturday afternoon, you can adjust the thermostat right from your phone so the house is nice and cool when you return. A “smart” thermostat is just that – intelligent. It learns your habits and preferences when it comes to your home comfort. Over time the thermostat can learn- and adjust accordingly- to how you like the temperatures when you’re home and when you’re away. If your home is mostly empty throughout the day, the thermostat will recognize that and adjust. The ultimate goals of a smart thermostat are to give you optimal comfort levels – and to save you money. By learning your habits, adjusting the thermostat automatically, and sensing changes in the home, the thermostat can therefore save you money. This is because you aren’t manually changing the temperature by several degrees at a time, for example. The thermostat learns your trends and habits over time and makes these changes accordingly so that you don’t have to – and it’s not as extreme of a change. A lot of times our customers have more questions about smart thermostats- such as whether or not they will work with your current system or would be compatible with your phone. We can answer all of these questions for you!

A great time to ask about thermostat upgrades is during your Winter or Spring HVAC Maintenance appointment. If it’s a great fit, sometimes we get lucky and our techs have the right thermostat on the truck and can make the switch for you then- so you won’t have to pay for another service call. On the other hand, you can let us know ahead of time that you’re interested in a new thermostat and we can go over the details to see if we can have it ready to install during your maintenance visit. If you’re not tech savvy- not to worry. Our techs can help teach you how to operate your new smart thermostat and HVAC system. There are also lots of resources we can provide to you that help you learn the ins and outs of your new thermostat. So if you’re looking to optimize your home comfort and have more control over your energy costs, consider investing in a smart thermostat. Oftentimes if they are installed with a new system it can be included as part of the package deal.

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