Humidity levels can have impacts on both your home AND your health. As seasons change, the humidity in your home will also fluctuate.

Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

Some people may not understand the differences between the two. A humidifier adds moisture to your air, while a dehumidifier will remove the moisture from your air.

Your Health vs. Humidity

Your home’s humidity levels have direct impacts on your wellness. People suffering from conditions such as asthma or other breathing disorders are impacted severely by humidity levels. Some asthmatics are triggered by high humidity, whereas someone suffering from sinus issues may be negatively impacted by dry air. Someone who suffers from asthma triggered by high-humidity would want to use a dehumidifier. On the other hand, someone who wants to lessen the effects of a chest cold or sinus infection may want to use a humidifier in order to moisten the airways and nasal passages. This will cause their symptoms to be less intense.Even skin conditions can be impacted by your home’s humidity. Dry skin & chapped lips are exacerbated by low-humidity levels. Whereas high humidity can cause issues with acne or heat rash.

Your Home vs. Humidity

If you’ve observed damp stains or droplets of water collecting on your walls, it means that there is too much humidity in your air. High humidity can also cause stuffy air. These conditions can lead to things such as rotting wood or mold growth.Dry air over a long period of time can cause wooden beams and plaster to crack. Low humidity can also damage leather furniture, and wooden instruments such as guitars or violins.Pests such as termites or carpenter ants are also attracted to moisture. If your home has high humidity, it can attract attention from these insects that can cause long-lasting, expensive damage to your house.If you consider yourself somewhat of a “green thumb”, you will probably want to take humidity levels into consideration. Plants can suffer from extreme humidity levels. Too low of humidity will increase the frequency of watering. Meanwhile, high humidity levels leave your house plants more susceptible to disease and insect damage.

Home Humidity Solutions

It doesn’t hurt to consult an expert to come take a look at your home and monitor your humidity levels. We have various resolutions for all of your humidity issues and can recommend the best one for you and your home.

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