Dayton Area Thermostat Installation

It’s getting to be that time of year that a lot of families will be heading out of town for summer vacation and weekend trips.

You’ve been working hard and you deserve a break- and your HVAC system deserves a little break as well.

Many people wonder how they should set their thermostat while they are away from home for a few days or more.

For maximum effectiveness, you should set your thermostat four degrees warmer than you normally set it.

If you like to keep the temperature around 73 degrees, set the thermostat to 77 degrees for your getaway.

Four degrees is the sweet spot for setting your thermostat because it allows you to experience some savings while you are away. It also ensures that your system won’t burn too much energy cooling things back down upon your return.

You can cancel out the savings on your electric bill if your system has to work too hard to bring the temperature down when you get back home.

Don’t Turn Off Your Air Conditioner While Away On Vacation

Additionally, you shouldn’t set the thermostat too high or turn the system off completely because it can create more problems.

Warmer temperatures and higher humidity create a perfect environment for mold and mildew to occur. This affects the wellness of your family and your HVAC system.

Surprisingly, you can also damage sheetrock compounds within your walls if the temperature is too warm inside your home for extended periods of time.

Installing A Programmable Thermostat In Your Home

If you’d like to save even more money on your electricity bill, it may be time to consider upgrading your thermostat.

Today’s programmable thermostats and wi-fi enabled systems give you more control than ever before on the comfort level of your home.

You can access the humidity and temperature controls remotely with the swipe of a finger on your smartphone.

Additionally, smart systems can also alert you and your HVAC service provider when there’s a problem with your system. This can help you identify small problems before they become bigger issues.

Hiring An Expert HVAC Service Provider In The Dayton Area

If you have questions about temperature or humidity control within a Dayton area home, give us a call. We are also happy to help explain the benefits of upgrading your thermostat.

An Outstanding Heating and Cooling service technician is also happy to help you set up your smart thermostat so that you get the maximum benefits of your system.

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