spring hvac maintenance appointment

Preventative maintenance on your HVAC equipment is really important for a number of reasons. A proper Spring HVAC maintenance visit should include a qualified technician visiting your home. They should inspect, test, and clean your system thoroughly. This would include coils, hoses, and more. By the end of your appointment, you should have peace of mind that your system is operating to the best of its ability and ready to keep you cool during the hot months ahead. But how do you need to prepare for your maintenance visit? There are a few simple ways you can make the appointment go smoothly – and to ensure you are getting the best performance possible even after your appointment is over. First, ensure that all yard debris is cleared away from your outdoor condenser. Over the harsh winter months, things like dried plant materials, garbage, or other things can gather and block the condenser. By making sure this area is clear of debris, you will experience better efficiency and it is less likely you will experience system failure. This is a good habit to get into over the summer and into the Fall as well. Continue to check the area around the condenser to ensure that it isn’t blocked from getting airflow. Are you planning on having a garden or landscaping done? If so, then you need to plan accordingly. There should be at least 2-3 feet of space cleared around your condenser. This makes sure that the equipment gets enough airflow and runs smoothly.

outdoor condenser hvac maintenance

Think of it like having something caught in your throat, but you can still kind of breathe. You aren’t getting enough air, it’s uncomfortable, and you’re working harder than usual until you can clear your throat. It’s the same thing with your condenser. If it doesn’t have enough air to “breathe”, it will have to work harder to get adequate airflow, costing you money. Another way to prepare for your appointment is to make sure you know where all of the equipment is located. Maybe you moved to a new home last fall and haven’t acquainted yourself quite yet with your new system. Now is the perfect time to make sure you can locate your thermostat, condenser, furnace, any duct work, and registers. Make it a point to clear away any furniture, rugs, or drapes that might be blocking air ducts.

It could also be an opportunity for you to test your duct work or window and door seals for leaks. An easy way to do this is to light an incense stick and walk along your ductwork, windows, and doors to see if any airflow is getting through. If so, and you’re handy, make a note to pick up some caulking when you’re out so you can fix them. If you are still unsure, ask your service tech to give you some pointers while they’re there doing your maintenance visit. Also, if you’re considering an upgrade to your thermostat, call and let us know so we can bring along some thermostats to show you and discuss. In the event we are prepared ahead of time, and you decide to get a new thermostat installed, it will save you the cost of another visit. And last but not least, in order to prepare for your appointment, you need to call and make it! Don’t put it off. Early season HVAC maintenance means that you can rest assured your system is ready for Summer and operating at its best. We offer easy, convenient online booking for your appointment right from our website! You can choose three times that work best for you, and we will coordinate our visit so it fits within your schedule. Book now here!

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