Living in the Dayton area, we often see big temperature swings in the winter. One day it will be 20 degrees, then we will see the temperatures rising to 60 in the days after. We can’t change the weather, but we do sometimes reach to change the thermostat. But not so fast — here’s why you should wait before you start raising and dropping temperatures in your home.

Here is where the people with programmable thermostats are really at an advantage. If you have a set schedule already programmed on your thermostat – LEAVE IT. Temperature changes are often temporary, so if the temperature makes a big drop and you want to crank the heat, be prepared for your heating bills to also crank it up. Don’t make any big changes unless you are changing seasons and preparing to shut the system off for the season.

Creating large temperature swings with your thermostat causes a significantly higher use of energy than just leaving them alone. If you are typically comfortable at 70 degrees, then leave it. Don’t crank the heat to 75 for a three-day cold snap. Over time these cold snaps can add up and cause big spikes in your energy costs.

These wild swings in temperature mean that your system is also working harder – it’s really common sense if you think about it. Every time your system has to turn on it uses more energy. The more often your system has to turn on to meet a raised thermostat setting, the more money it will cost you. Simple, right?

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, resist the urge to make a lot of adjustments to that thermostat. Your wallet will thank you.

Bundle up in blankets, get a new pair of slippers… or even consider some HVAC upgrades that can help create a more comfy home environment. A programmable thermostat or whole home humidifier can help you be able to create a more consistent indoor climate in your home. For example, in the winter, a properly humidified home can be kept a few degrees cooler on your thermostat because the proper humidity level makes your home feel warmer.  If you have any questions about humidity levels, thermostat settings, or anything HVAC related, let us know and the team at Outstanding Heating and Cooling will be happy to help! We’re only a call, email, or message away… and if you have an emergency, we offer emergency service for our customers 24/7 – nights, weekends, and holidays. Just give us a call and we’re happy to help! 937-439-4696n