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Maybe you have a service appointment because your air conditioner or furnace isn’t working properly. Perhaps you have an appointment set for a quote on a new HVAC system! (Congrats, by the way!) Or now it’s time for your scheduled Planned Maintenance visit… Whatever it is, we are here to help you be ready for when your service technician arrives! Being prepared makes it that much more likely the visit will go off without a hitch.

Here are some helpful hints and tips on preparing your home for their arrival:

1. Pets

If you have any pets, it’s a great idea to keep in mind that your service technician will likely work faster without the distraction of your furry family members. Many of us love your pets, too! It’s hard to resist a wagging tail or quick playtime with your felines if they’re approaching us while we work. Also, if you know that your pets may bark or make someone nervous, you can always secure them in a cozy spot until your appointment is finished.

2. Location, location, location!

Try to have an idea of where all of your HVAC equipment is located. This helps the service technicians or comfort advisors get familiar with your system. Is your equipment located in the basement? An attic? Closet? Also try to identify where your equipment is outside of your home. It’s also valuable information to know exactly where your thermostat is located and whether or not you have more than one.

3. Medical Needs

While we won’t need a complete medical history on your family members, if anyone suffers from breathing issues, allergies, or have a compromised immune system, this is valuable information for us. Knowing a little bit about your family’s medical needs can help us determine systems that are better suited for your loved ones’ health. We can make recommendations based upon these factors to help you ensure you are getting the HVAC system that is best for your family.

4. Clearing the way!

If you have anything blocking your heating and cooling system equipment, it will save us time if you are able to move these things prior to our arrival. We are more than happy to help you if you need it, but please keep in mind that it might prolong our visit! That being said, if you’re willing and able to move anything blocking your HVAC equipment, it will help us get your appointment done more quickly and efficiently.

Preparing for an HVAC appointment

If you would like to schedule planned maintenance of your equipment, a free quote with a comfort advisor, or think your system may be in need of service, please give us a call! 937-439-4696 Our team is always happy to help. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to our customers. Our #1 goal is to provide OUTSTANDING service- one customer at a time.

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