home humidity solution

Most of us know that humidity has a direct impact on the comfort of our home. Did you know the EPA recommends us to keep our homes between 30 and 50 percent humidity? In the winter, low humidity makes for drier, colder conditions. In the summer, high humidity means that our home feels much warmer. Humidity being high also has a direct impact on mold growth and home indoor air quality. However- a lot of us don’t take the time to stop and think about how the humidity directly affects our electric bill. If you think about it, it makes sense. We realize how it influences the feel of temperature. Wouldn’t it then have a link to the cost of our energy bill? Many people have a humidifier and dehumidifier installed to work in tandem with their HVAC systems.

In the winter, raising the humidity enables you to lower the thermostat a degree or two, directly affecting your energy costs over time. During the summer months, having a dehumidifier means that you can lower the humidity AND raise the temp on your thermostat by a couple of degrees. Again, over time this has a noticeable link in the cost of your energy bill. Back to winter- did you know that having dry air affects your health?

If you think about it, doesn’t the doctor have you use a humidifier when you’re sick? These smaller units work at only a fraction of the capacity of a professionally installed humidifier. Dry air in your home negatively affects asthma and allergy sufferers, while also taking a toll on your skin. The Cleveland Clinic lists these issues as being caused by air that is too dry in our homes: ” Breathing dry air can cause respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and nosebleeds. Breathing dry air also can cause dehydration, since body fluids are depleted during respiration. ”

Having More Control Over The Humidity In Your Home

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