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Maybe your heating and air is working okay… you figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?

Well here are 6 signs that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to your HVAC units.

1. Creeping Up On Old Age

Your HVAC system isn’t a fine wine… it doesn’t get better as it ages.

Systems older than 10-15 years old often need replacement – or at least some attention.

Here’s a good visual comparison on when to repair vs. replace:

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If you purchase new efficient, Energy Star approved units, you may qualify for federal tax credits. What’s even better is a new system can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs!!

2. Strange Noises

There are things that go “bump in the night”, but your heating and air units shouldn’t be one of them.

If you notice grinding, knocking, pinging, or popping, it’s time to have one of our techs come take a look. These noises could signal a loose or worn part on the inside of your system. Getting this checked out now would be better than waiting on system failure- which is sure to be a much more expensive fix.

3. Increased Utility Costs

If you’ve noticed a jump in your heating and cooling costs, it’s time to give your system some TLC. Remember to take into account that due to pandemic price increases, some increase might be normal at this point in time. Consider other factors before you call based primarily on price increase. An increase in price could be remedied with something as simple and easy as a quick maintenance visit. Our techs thoroughly clean, inspect, and test your equipment twice per year to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. After our maintenance visits your system will run more efficiently, saving you money on utility costs.

As your system gets older, it has to work harder to keep up with your heating and cooling needs. Over time this means you will see your utility bills going up as your aging system struggles to keep up with demand.

4. Uneven Indoor Temps

If you notice that your home has uneven temperatures, it’s time for a service or maintenance call.

Sometimes this can be chalked up to a leak in your ductwork. Other times this means that your system may be in need of repair.

We do not recommend using vents as climate control in your home. Your system should be able to function properly without you opening or closing vents. Uneven temperatures often signify improper system sizing, leaky ductwork, or repairs that are needed.

5. System Maintenance

When is the last time you had your heating and cooling equipment serviced

Manufacturers recommend twice per year that your system be inspected, cleaned, and tested. Not to mention, if your system is under warranty you can void the warranty if you do not keep up on maintenance.

In the Spring you should have your equipment inspected to prepare you for the warmer temps ahead. When Fall rolls around, it’s time to schedule your maintenance to ensure your system is ready to go and able to keep you warm.

6. Humidity Issues

Are you experiencing extreme dryness in the Winter or high humidity in the Summer? If so, this means that your system is having issues that need to be addressed.

It is the job of your HVAC system to keep you comfortable – warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Leaky ductwork or a system in need of repair can contribute to issues with humidity. You can also invest in added humidity control features for your system if you like enhanced comfort control.

HVAC Service in Kettering, Ohio

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues with your heating or cooling equipment, let’s talk!

You can book an appointment online with us directly, or give us a call if you have more questions. We’re happy to answer your questions anytime!

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