Old habits die hard. However when it comes to something expensive such as your HVAC system, it might be time to rethink your habits.We invest a lot of money into our HVAC systems and they’re an important part of our homes. They keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.That’s why you want your heating and cooling units to run efficiently for as long as possible.Here are some bad habits that some homeowners have fallen into with their HVAC system, and how you can get back on the right track.

1. Not Changing Your Filter If you aren’t changing your filter, you’re contributing to poor indoor air quality. Not only will your air quality suffer, but so will the efficiency of your HVAC system.Get back on the right track by committing to changing your filter once per month. Set yourself a reminder on your phone or mark it on the calendar in the kitchen! Some of our customers have even went so far as to create an event on Facebook and sharing it with their family and friends so everyone has a gentle reminder to change their filters!

2. Changing The Temp On Your Thermostat Too Often Your heating and cooling system works the hardest when it kicks on and when it shuts off.If you are adjusting the thermostat too often, it causes undue stress on your HVAC system.

This is because adjusting the temperature doesn’t warm up your home or cool it down any faster, it only causes your system to work harder and use more energy. So you are basically spending more money to cause your system to break down faster.

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You can fix this situation by checking all the vents in your home regularly to ensure they are not blocked. Looking at vents in the bedrooms of children is also important since they are not as mindful of blocking registers. Please also keep in mind that it is not good practice to close and open your registers.

4. Doing Repairs Yourself Sure, every once in a while you might be able to google a quick fix for your air conditioner or furnace. Sometimes this is resourceful, and other times this may become an even more expensive repair. We have had a lot of service calls where homeowners attempted to repair something themselves. These repairs would have been only a couple hundred dollars originally, but then turned into thousands. When in doubt, it’s best to leave this kind of work to the professionals. HVAC technicians have been to school and become certified. They also maintain licensing requirements. Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs are oftentimes best left to those with the most experience.

5. Putting Off Regular Maintenance Of Your HVAC System It’s important to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner and furnace.At the begiing of each season, we suggest for a certified HVAC technician to come to your home to perform maintenance.These visits consist of a thorough cleaning and inspection of all elements of your heating and cooling system.The tech will ensure that your system is ruing as efficiently as possible, and are able to pinpoint minor problems that with a quick fix will prevent more costly repairs down the road.Your air conditioner will be ready for summer, and your furnace will be ready to go in cooler weather.Get back on the right track by contacting us to set up a Plaed Maintenance Agreement for as low as $13/month!Our Plaed Maintenance Agreements also give you priority service in the event that you need service on your system.

6. Blocked Airflow To Your Outside Unit A lot of homeowners want to cover their outside units because they consider them “ugly” or want to distract from the appearance of the unit. While this is understandable, there are alternatives that won’t block airflow to your unit outside. Landscaping is a common culprit on airflow blockage to outside units.

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Homeowners either plant things too close to their units or plants have grown into the unit. You can prevent this from affecting your system by regularly inspecting your outside unit and making sure that there is free airflow at least 3 feet around.

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