Weather is finally starting to warm up. In between Spring showers, a lot of people will be doing some Spring cleaning and working in their yards.

1. Change your HVAC filter Yes we say this one a lot – but it is one of the MOST important and easiest ways you can take care of your HVAC equipment. A regularly changed filter improves the efficiency of your system, decreases energy costs, prolongs the life of your equipment, and improves your air quality.

2. Consider your condenser when plaing a garde Your outdoor unit, or condenser, requires a minimum of two feet around it in order to operate properly. Consider its location when you are plaing a new garden or landscaping.

3. Check your outside unit While you’re out and about, take a peek at your unit outside. It should be clear of trash, yard debris, or any other items. Keep in mind that minimum two-foot clearance we mentioned in the previous tip.

4. Schedule your spring HVAC maintenance Our HVAC maintenance appointments are conducted much more thoroughly than most companies. A lot of heating and cooling contractors send out techs to just clean the unit. We make sure to clean the unit with top of the line products specially formulated for your equipment. We ALSO test and inspect your unit, coections, drain lines, and more. This appointment ensures you’re ready to go for air conditioning when the temperatures heat up. A lot of people turn on their a/c to find out it isn’t working – and that’s when you’re in a bind with everyone else that put off scheduling that maintenance appointment.

5. Think about upgrading your thermostat Spring time is a great opportunity to do some home projects. Let us tackle some things on that honey-do list and install a new thermostat. Not only will you see increased savings on your utility bills, you’ll experience better comfort levels and the peace of mind of knowing you are in control. Many smart thermostats these days allow you to receive notifications when something is malfunctioning with your system, meaning you can oftentimes get in touch with us before it is an emergency. Some of our thermostats will even notify us for you, so we can take the lead in making sure everything is in tip-top shape.Give us a call at 937-439-4696, or schedule your HVAC appointment online with us right from your phone or computer.