heat pump cold air

Wait… it’s supposed to be HEATING your home! So why is your heat pump blowing out cold air? Well we have a few scenarios for you to consider.

1. The unit is on defrost mode

When ice or snow accumulates on the outside of your unit, it will temporarily go into defrost mode. This means the unit is reversing air flow so that it is able to melt the ice and snow from the unit. It’s a normal operating procedure for a heat pump and shouldn’t last long.

2. The air isn’t actually COLD – it just feels cold to you.

If the air coming out of the unit feels cold to you, it might just be because it’s under your body temperature. Air coming out at 80 degrees is colder than the average body temperature – 98.6 degrees- so it will FEEL like it’s cold when it actually isn’t.

If for some reason your heat pump can’t keep up, it will default to electric coils to help it along and keep temperatures up inside your home. If it hasn’t switched over to electric coils, you may notice the air feels colder coming out of the vents. If you still feel like there might be an issue with your heat pump, check the thermostat and note the temperature. Go back and check it again about 30 minutes later and see if the temperature has gone up or stayed the same. If so, you should be fine. If the temperature has dropped, there might be an issue. This brings us to our last reason…

3. Your heat pump is in need of service.

If the air coming out of your vents is cold and continues to be, there might be a bigger issue at hand.

When your heat pump has been through several defrost cycles and still isn’t operating properly, it’s time to consider the following:

To help ensure your heat pump operates properly, we recommend you having maintenance performed on your heat pump at least once per year. If you have questions about issues with your heat pump, or want to schedule HVAC maintenance for your heat pump, call us at 937-439-4696.

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