If you’ve made a commitment to save money on HVAC costs, you may be wondering how you can stay comfortable. Oftentimes temperature adjustments at home can have us feeling hot or cold, and adapting to change so that we can save money. We have some recommendations for you to maximize your comfort levels so you feel better about the money you’re saving long-term.

nWhen Using Air Conditioning:n-Use fans – and make sure your ceiling fans are going in the right direction!n-Use a dehumidifier to help lower the temperature. Ask us about whole-home dehumidifiers!n-Wear light clothing to help you stay cool

-Make sure your blinds stay closed during the day to minimize energy from the sun heating up your home

-Check your weatherstripping to make sure you are keeping a barrier between hot temps outside and cooler temps inside

-Eat something cold – such as ice cream or a popsicle! These help you feel a sense of lower temperature

-Keep hydration a priority – if you’re hydrated your body won’t have to work so hard to bring down your core temperature

When Using Your Furnace:

-Use rugs to cover up hard floor surfaces – they act as minimal insulation

-Ensure any cracks, window seals, or door seals are sealed

-Use warm blankets, wear socks or slippers, and dress in layers of clothes to keep yourself warm and comfortable

-Make sure your blinds, curtains, and doors remain closed to help keep your warm temperatures from escaping through windows and doors

-Cook more home-cooked meals! Using your stove and oven help to warm the air, too

-If you have a two-story home, spend more time upstairs! Heat rises and it will be a little warmer up there.

-Drink something hot – these will help you feel more warm and comfortable. Like we need an excuse to drink hot chocolate, coffee, or tea! Hot cider or broth are good options for cool nights, too! If you are having comfort issues at home, we can help! We offer a range of services such as whole

-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers, zone systems, programmable thermostats, and more! We have a solution for any comfort issue you might be having, so please feel free to reach out to us at Outstanding Heating and Cooling! You can contact us here for a no-pressure call or email on how you can address some of the comfort issues you’re having!n